It was a heartbreaking decision to have to close the doors of my brand new business last month. I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what the future would look like for UMIE. Like many other Newcastle boutiques, for the last couple of weeks UMIE has operated online and by appointment only. I now know, I definitely made the right decision to close temporarily and am doing my best to really slow down, appreciate and make the most of each day during this time.
I will admit that slowing down definitely took a few days but I have begun to use the time at home to reflect and learn. I feel very lucky to be apart of such an amazing community and never could have imagined the amount of love and support UMIE has received. We truly are in this together, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
I’ve been pushing myself to stay creative and to continue to hopefully inspire via our website and Instagram. In doing so, I bring you UMIE AT HOME- our little survival guide for this uncertain time. 
UMIE was created to bring fun and beauty to the lives of those around us. Hopefully a fabulous outfit, a wellness tip or something beautiful for your home can help to bring some joy to the days ahead. 


I am living in organic cotton tanks by Bassike whilst at home. I have a few favourites that I have on high rotation. You can’t beat the comfy essentials paired back with a slouch pant or your favourite denim.
I don’t know about you but I love wearing colour to brighten the day. I am finding the Cecilie Copenhagen sets to be the perfect chic and comfy option. A set is always my go-to. I love that you instantly feel put together without much of a thought. I’ve even branched out the last couple of weeks and am mixing my colour ways- I’m a big fan of pairing the new season tomato and bubblegum together- some may say a fashion faux pas but I say fun. 
It’s really important to keep feeling your best whilst being home. Of an evening, you can find me floating around in an MLM or Lee Mathews maxi dress, wine in hand of course! Another easy option yet I am still feeling pretty and put together. 
No matter the mood, natural fabrics are at the top of my checklist.


I am starting each morning with a walk around our beautiful New Lambton neighbourhood, with my two pomeranians- Archie and Chilli. I make sure to stop by the UMIE boutique for a little inspiration. Strolling by the colourful window on Greta Road reminds me of what I have created and gives me a sense of calm in this craziness.
My wonderful pilates teacher, Lauren at Fitness Fix has saved us all and is offering virtual mat classes via Zoom. The classes are wonderful, easy to follow and affordable! It also helps to roll out of bed and have a class waiting for you in the living room. Having this little bit of normality each day is a lifesaver. Jump on one morning- you’ll often find Lauren and I in matching Bassike tanks! 


I am lucky enough to be besties with a skin saviour. My beautiful friend Bonnie created her skincare line, MBL with love. I have used the cleanser and moisturiser religiously for years. Amidst all the craziness it’s comforting to have this little routine for my morning and night. I’ve also made sure to take the time for a little extra love by popping on an MBL sheet mask once a week. 
Promoting youthful and radiant skin, I have added the BEAR Wonder oil to my routine. Wonder has really enhanced my complexion and it’s felt wonderful to have a break from wearing makeup the last couple of weeks.
I’ve been making sure to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine each day. On a clear morning, you’ll often find me working from the garden, Bassike tank and a straw hat in tow. 
When time allows, I will slip in to my favourite Peony bikini and spend my lunch hour in the sun. It’s amazing what a little dose of vitamin D can do for the soul.
The benefits of sunshine are much more than a golden tan. Direct exposure to sunlight triggers the release of hormones in the brain, mainly serotonin which boosts your mood, has a calming effect and helps to keep us focused. 
At the end of each day I like to wind down with my favourite Maison Balzac scent.  Most importantly, I remember to take a moment to be grateful. Grateful for the ongoing support, grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community and grateful for the good health of those whom I love. 
I can't wait to welcome you when UMIE can reopen it's cute little door. Until then, stay well at home. All my love, Emily. x


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